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Moving Forward Together, One Step at a Time


Moving Forward Together, One Step at a Time

About Me

The MovePlayMom blog documents my family's journey to simpler living. In 2017, We sold everything we owned. We downsized our life, sharing our incredible home renovation in under 65 days on Instagram and here! MovePlayMom has evolved to include home design, lifestyle tips, minimalist living, travel, parenting, and movement. My qualifications for sharing include a double major in Liberal Arts and Women's Studies, a BA in Child Studies and Development, and graduate courses in Educational Studies. As a mom, I have experienced joy, pride, and struggles balancing work, family, and personal commitments. Being a mom has taught me resilience, patience, unconditional love, appreciation of the small moments of joy, and the importance of connection.

In addition, I am a mom who grew up being very active, playing sports and running, which have always been an essential part of my life. Making time for myself has made me a better parent. I have used my skills and knowledge as a leader and entrepreneur to bring the parenting community together. I have organized mom groups, Meetup groups, Project Love Run, and now the Mom Run Collective. Through these groups, I have created a space for moms to find support, share in the parenting journey, and connect. 




Hello, I'm Move.Play.Mom (AKA: Miss Dina) Welcome! MovePlayMom has evolved from a lifestyle blog to a mom community collective. WHY? because I wanted to create a space where mothers could share their stories and support each other. A few years back, I was part of an incredible running group, Project Love Run, and led the Calgary chapter. As a leader, I quickly noticed a need for a mom's "movement" community in Calgary. Most women who signed up month after month were mothers who wanted to take connect with other moms. After a few years, I am excited to share this new project, The Mom Run Collective. We are just starting, and I hope moms will be inspired nationwide and reach out to create a chapter in their community. 

I wanted to create a platform where moms could connect and inspire each other. Our goal is to create a "movement community" where moms can get together once a month on a Sunday to do a 3-4km run (or walk) and then followed by brunch. Over brunch, we connect, we share, we inspire, and we may even cry. We are moved by each other, and everyone is always respected and safe as we explore our monthly topic. 

Every month, the group focuses on an overarching topic that allows moms to share their stories and experiences and gain support from each other. Through these, moms can build strong relationships, find strength and comfort, and work together to walk away feeling happier, healthier, connected, and supported.

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