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Let’s start here….with a move.

Everyone keeps asking us the same things. Why would you want to sell your beautiful house and MOVE? Why would you want to live through another renovation? Why would you ever want to go through the moving process with three kids!? Why would you want to give away all your awesome stuff? WHY?

The same answer applies to all of the above questions. We want to live a more simple life. A life that is full of intention. We want to value the things we have and appreciate the people around us. We want to travel more. We want our children to understand that stuff has a purpose and relationships create memories.

Photo 1

our big beautiful home sold in 7 days.

Selling our house allows for this. It gives us freedom.

Why now….WHY NOT? I think Ryan Nicodemus from The Minimalists said something along those lines the other night as I sat listening to them share their story and message about minimalism. I think for me personally, I have been on this path for a while. I don’t think I recognized it. I just always had this feeling that I wanted less because it would give me more. In my mind it made sense but I didn’t know how to totally put it into action. After watching the documentary, The Minimalists, things started to make more sense.

Photo 3

met Josh and Ryan from the Minimalists when they stopped in Calgary on tour

That night after watching, my husband and I chatted about how we wanted to ensure we would always be financially okay, that we could save for our future but still enjoy living in the moment. We wanted to surround ourselves with people whose values aligned with ours. We chatted about how our boys were growing up being surrounded by stuff and things that were overwhelming them through marketing, ads, commercials that targeted them and left them wanting more of the latest gadgets.

BUT It goes beyond that….I was tired of how we were constantly running around and investing so much money into sports and activities. Not just your basic community league of soccer or hockey. No, They now wanted your child to attend more skill development, more one to one time, more practices…and all this would come at a cost! and for what purpose? was one of my boys going to be the next superstar? I really had to ask myself that rather than getting wrapped up in what I was being told they needed. So we scaled back on that too. We got more time back together. (more on this in later posts to come)

Photo 4

looking forward to what lies ahead!

SO…I wasn’t surprised when our million dollar home sold within a week.  Our house is a dream. It’s THE dream. The bigger house, the nicer cars, the expensive clothes – it’s what everyone around me is chasing…and I was done with it. I just want to be clear here….I WAS DONE WITH IT. If you feel like those things add value to your life then I respect that. I didn’t find that any of that stuff was making me happier.

Did I really LOVE the house? the answer was simple. NO. I want my house to be someplace I love and brings me great joy…but the home we lived in was nothing more than a big fancy house that everyone else was in awe of, except me. I want a home for my family that serves a purpose. I want a home that is unique, that is simple, that is aesthetically pleasing. I want a home that has a lot of natural light, big windows and is surrounded by trees. Our new home needs to be full of intention. Every space needs to have a purpose. Even if it is small, it will feel organized, clean and we won’t feel encumbered by a bunch of stuff.

So come with us on our journey. Because guess what?! We found it. We found our perfect house for our life right now. It’s surrounded by trees, it’s in a quiet crescent, it’s got sky lights! and huge floor to ceiling windows. It’s old! and will need a lot of TLC. We are about to embark on a 3-month serious renovation project and we want to take you along for our ride as we plan each area and furnish each room to be simple, clean and full of love. We recently sold 90% of our possessions and are renting a small furnished 1000 square foot condo. This has been a great learning experience in itself! CLEAN SLATE! I hope you have as much fun as we do. I am sure there will be ups and downs but maybe along the way, something will inspire you…

till the next post….


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