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Calgary’s Metro Dental’s Pampered Parent Friday!

As you all know, I am all about making life easier for families. I remember when I first moved to Calgary, the challenges of finding childcare for my 4-year-old was so hard. I didn’t have many family members or friends yet, at least not anyone I really trusted to leave my busy little guy with. Often I found myself taking him around to regular check-ups and/or appointments and feeling the anxiety of how it could go. This wasn’t ideal for either of us. He would often end up upset, bored and begging for something all while I would be frustrated, impatient and rushing the appointment. Ninety percent of the time we both left feeling flustered, exhausted and I would experience serious mom guilt because I wished I could have handled it better or had some support.

Well, imagine if you had the opportunity to schedule your “appointment”, and you could bring your child along and leave there afterwards feeling amazing, pampered and cared for! YES CARED FOR!

I was totally amazed by the service at Metro Dental’s Pampered Parent Friday. This is a local Calgary business that understands a young family’s needs. I wish every city and business had services like this! The owners and operators are really in tune with the challenges of parenting, especially in such a transient city like Calgary, where often there aren’t extended family members to help out.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by their friendly receptionist who took our information and offered my boys the opportunity to go into their childcare room to play, get their faces painted or check out the video games console for the older children. The piece I really connected with here and that surprised me was that they hired a high-quality Early Childhood Educator to supervise and play with the children. She had experience with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. This would definitely leave parents feeling confident that their littles are in good hands while they get their dental work attended to. In addition to these amazing benefits during your visit, they also offer you an Ipad that connects with a camera that is logged into their on-site childcare playroom, so you can keep an eye on how your little ones are doing. The great thing was I recognized the ECE on the floor helping out as she and I used to work together several years back before I opened my own program!

It doesn’t end there, they have an on-site massage therapist to offer mini massages to parents before or after, They have delicious snacks and refreshments for both you and your children and if you have several children (LIKE ME!) they will plan to get them in and their teeth looked after at all the same time, saving YOU Time! (YAY!!!)

Sometimes we need a treat too! Metro Dental Pampered Fridays are a wonderful way to check off one of our important must appointments, be it cleaning, a filling or a teeth whitening treatment in a wonderful and caring way. Leaving YOU to feel supported and your littles to have some FUN!

Looking for more information on the next Metro Dental Care Pampered Parent Friday? CLICK HERE for more info, METRO DENTAL CARE PAMPERED PARENT FRIDAY

Don’t live in Calgary but you know of similar services where you are? Or love this and want to let me know what you think? Comment below to share with other MovePlayMom followers!

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