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Five Words to Keep Mompreneurs Motivated and Positive

When someone asks you to name 5 words about how you feel in your role as a mompreneur, or entrepreneur, or business owner…what five words immediately come to mind?

I know what you are thinking…

  1. busy

  2. overwhelmed

  3. pressured

  4. overworked

  5. guilty

I know this because recently I sat with two moms who are launching their own business and THESE were their exact emotions. These beautiful ladies should have been reveling in all the excitement of starting something. We decided at that moment to make a change. I stopped them both and asked them to really reflect on the positives. We had a wonderful coffee together, and they left feeling totally different. They felt excited about this exercise and it forced them to really come back to why it was they chose to take on being mompreneurs in the first place! Well mama’s we got each other’s backs, and now I got yours too…

two women carrying bags while walking in tunnel

Sure we all feel the emotions listed above! Starting or owning a business can be busy, and overwhelming at times. There is a lot of pressure that one can put on themselves to be successful and often that leads us to become overworked. Of course lastly, especially as a mom, we feel guilt. Guilt that we aren’t spending time with our family, not getting chores done around the house, guilt that you might not make it your child’s hockey game. Clearly, I’ve been there (and I AM Canadian), we have all been there!

I challenge you today to stop choosing the words that carry a negative vibe! If you are on a mission; You have a product you believe in, a service to offer that you want to pursue, you have a skill or idea to share…then do it! and take ownership of how amazing it is that you are putting this out into the world. Sure, we will all feel those five emotions up there at some point on our journey, if we didn’t, I would think something is off…

But it’s time to think of 5 emotions that boosts your confidence. 5 words that will harness your positive energy around your project, that makes you want to continue to make a difference…reach out for support, lean into your fears, let go of the guilt…5 positive emotions.

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here’s mine:

  1. determined

  2. ambitious

  3. collaborative

  4. motivated

  5. inspired

Alright, girls, I am putting this one back on you! I really want you to take the time to reflect. Maybe ask a friend and work on this together. Nothing better than a great excuse to get together with your bestie to open up, support one another and empower each other.

photo of person writing on notebook

Reflect on your 5 words. These are your 5 special words. Write them down and maybe post them by your workspace as a gentle reminder to you that even when it’s hard…you can feel amazing! If you would like maybe comment here and share your words with us, I would be honored to hear! or please share what you think!

till the next post,


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