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Kids and Renovations


Being a mom is a full-time job. Being a mom and a business owner is a balancing act. Being a mom and a business owner all while renovating a new home…..hmmmmmm

Today we took possession of our new place.

I was so ready to get my hands dirty and start ripping the house apart as soon as we got the keys at 1 pm. My boys were even more ready! Most people would keep their children far far away from a job site like this. All the risk and danger!? Right?!? I mean most parents would never give their kids real tools and teach them how to use them. We did.


After all, this is their house too. We wanted them to have a stake in it.  Sure there is a lot of risks and yes it is VERY dangerous, however, I am trying to align my belief that children are capable and competent with my parenting. Which isn’t always easy. I knew this time I had to trust that my 2 younger boys who are 5 and 9 could do a lot while being cautious and listening to instructions. They deserved that respect and trust.


We gave them tasks we knew that they could handle. We taught them how to use the crowbar and hammer. We talked about being safe and watching the nails. We sent them off to rip out hardwood and cork….and they did AMAZING!

My nine year old helped me to remove all the baseboards, carry out old doors, rip out the old carpets and old cork flooring. My five year old went around removing all the carpet tack strips.


We spent five and a half hours working, ALL OF US. To my surprise we got a huge chunk of the demolition done. Most people would hire a demo team. Instead, we saved a ton of money not only by doing it ourselves but by giving our more than capable and competent kids the opportunity to help out. We accomplished a huge task together, as a family.

I might be a busy mom and business owner but turning this house into our home is going to be such a fun ride with my little team.

till the next post,


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