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Minimalist lifestyle change. Closet Clean-out.

I have been trying to think about content all weekend for the blog. I wanted to make sure that when I write, I am sharing content that is meaningful and will add value to your life. I thought about all the changes and challenges my family has been making towards a more simple life. As I reflected, it hit me. I needed to share where this all started for me.

I think what is important to recognize is that my journey didn’t just recently begin. I had been moving towards a more minimal lifestyle over the last year or so. Actually I always kind of felt like I was a minimalist in many ways, I was savvy with money, I wasn’t a huge knick knack kinda girl, I rather spend money on travel then stuff…but everyone still can simplify some places. SO! Where did my story really start? well….my story started in the one place that needed it most. The room that was always overwhelming and daunting. MY CLOSET.


These were from my most recent clear-out. I gained a little over 50 new hangers to donate!

A minimalist lifestyle is when you make the choice to pare down your life and the stuff around you. Stuff that feels overwhelming and daunting for you to face like debt, junk, memorabilia, knick-knacks, hand me downs, relationships, CLOTHES…

Yes, clothes. That seems so superficial to even think about.

Those who were following me on Instagram last winter would remember my Instagram story about my 2015 closet cleanout. That awesome Instagram story showcased six huge, extra large garbage bags of clothing, purses, shoes, belts etc.. to donate. I repeat, 6 extra large garbage bags!! All were from MY CLOSET! I want to be clear here this was not stuff that I hoarded over time. This was trendy, fun, cute, one-time wear items that I felt represented my personality and identity.  I had stuff with tags on it still! Me, the girl who isn’t a huge shopper, brand whore, spender…MOI! I still had a ton of stuff! HOW!?!?!

When I was done, my closet seemed to be full of staple items and looked more manageable. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I had pared down so much that I had very little to work with and not many outfits to put together. Over the following several months, I worked on creating a basic, classic capsule wardrobe (thank you PINTEREST).

The move to a new house definitely gave me the kick I needed to finally let go of some items I really didn’t wear or use. I would say my closet to date is 80% less than what it was a year ago and it’s still a work in progress. Now I follow one basic rule; when something new goes in, something old comes out. When I shop, I think long and hard about my purchase. I buy things I love. I buy things that I want to wear. I buy things that represent me and I buy things that will be a classic staple for a long time.

My new closet is currently being designed for the house and I will share more with you as our renovation continues. This new closet has space for all the things I need. It’s not a walk in closet, instead, I opted to keep the current reach-in style closet because all my stuff would fit just fine.

I am still a girl, living in a world, where social media feeds you content that is full of perfectly styled people and things. It’s hard not to want to spend money on stuff but I am also aware of the false reality that the social media world is. Every time that feeling comes over me, I ask myself one question, will that really add value to my life? and as long I am honest with myself…the answer is almost always no.

till the next post,


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