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Our House Tour, A Minimalist Home

Welcome to our minimalist home house tour. Pretty much all that you see is all that we own. We like to live simple. I would like to clarify, that being a minimalist doesn’t mean you are cheap or don’t like nice things. On the contrary, I appreciate beautiful things. I value them. I buy quality items but I don’t need a ton of things to find happiness. I am content with the few amazing things I do own. Also, I like to know that everything has a place. I like to have the things that we need. I enjoy a clutter-free environment. Maybe the concept of minimalist living isn’t for you, but I am sure you can find elements of living this lifestyle that you might want to work into your home. I read that at first, it is a method and then becomes a lifestyle. This is true. I believe the Marie Kondo way is just that. I don’t ever feel like my house is messy, WHY? because…well everything has a place. We don’t have a lot of stuff. So it’s easy to keep organized and clean. My children don’t own bins upon bins of clothing or seasonal clothing. What you see is what they own. They have what they need. I try to buy quality clothing that will last a long time. Our rules are simple…If something new comes in, something old goes out…that’s for all our things. I try to use my products before purchasing anything new. I don’t buy in bulk. The only thing I might buy in bulk is food, only because I have 4 guys who LOVE to eat. Anyway, this is our home. I hope to shoot a better video soon. For now, enjoy our little tour and welcome to our simple.

PS- the only thing I own a lot of, is sadly hair care products…and for those of you who have been following me for a long time you know it’s because I suffer from hair loss and it drives me bananas, and I often try new things – anything – to help. Sad. but it’s my only thing…

Till the next post,


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