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Play Ideas at Home, Dino Dig

This week we’re exploring dinosaurs and dino digs. My boys really enjoyed this invitation to play. it was super fun and really easy to set up. The boys spent over an hour emersed in learning and play. I got some time back to get errands done around the house. The clean up took five minutes!

I would suggest creating a dino dig kit at clean up time. so next time it’s easy to pull out again.

I added books to this play idea. You can grab books at the library or use some dino books you have at home (I’m yet to meet a family who doesn’t have a dino book at home). The books encourage the boys to dig a little deeper (no pun intended!) During their play, they had lots of great questions about fossils, paleontologists, carnivores versus herbivores. The books were a wonderful additional resource. The play and books brought my two boys together. This was fitting for my little guy and my 9-year-old.


What you need:

  1. A tray

  2. play sand (or you can easily use whatever you got in your pantry! rice, lentils, beans)

  3. rocks and/or gems

  4. wood and/or twigs

  5. A few plastic dinosaurs

  6. a measuring cup

  7. a couple of small containers

  8. a scoop or spoon

  9. a small paintbrush

  10. optional – books related to the play

let me know how it goes! Send pictures or post them on Instagram and tag me!

till the next post & remember to play,


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