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Rita’s Famous Tiramisu

If you are looking to make a bake free, light and yummy dessert, this is it. My kids LOVE when we make Tiramisu. It’s just the right amount of sweet! I can’t guarantee you won’t be in the fridge digging at it with a spoon late at night…My mom, Rita, would make us individual ones when we were little! This is a staple dessert in our famiglia!



  1. You need a bowl of Espresso Coffee, I add about 3-4 cups of coffee (If you don’t have the ability to make espresso, you can pick up 2 grande americanos from Starbucks or any coffee shop really. that’s worked for me in the past when I ran out of beans)

  2. 1 ounce on Grand Marnier or any coffee liquor.

  3. 6 eggs. Separate the whites from the yolks in two different bowls.

  4. 2 containers of Mascarpone cheese 475 Grams each, I like to use Tre Stelle. (You can get anywhere from 450-500 grams and it would be fine!)

  5. 1/2 cup of sugar

  6. 2 boxes on Pavesini cookies. I have also used 1 box of the regular and 1 box of chocolate, which the kids loved. These can typically be picked up at any local Italian shop.

  7. powdered cacao


  1. Get your coffee ready, mix in the liquor and set aside. I like to use a shallow soup bowl for easy cookie dipping.

  2. In your Kitchen Aid Mixer, whisk together your eggs white. They need to become super fluffy and have peaked. Let is mix on high for 5 min. check to see, if still not fluffy and firm then let it go a little longer.

  3. While those are mixing, you will use a hand mixer to blend your yolks and sugar. You need to blend this really well and until it gets quite creamy and thick. I would say about 5-6 minutes on high.

  4. Next, once your yolks and sugar are creamy you will slowly scoop in your mascarpone containers. Blend the yolks, sugar and mascarpone cheese slowly and on medium, low. You want this to really stay think and creamy.

  5. Once all the mascarpone has been blended into the yolks, you will use a spatula to fold in the fluffy egg whites. Take your time, fold in slowly, keep if creamy and light!

  6. In a shallow dish either 9×11 or 9×9 (I like to use my anchor clear bakeware) you will spread at the bottom a thin layer of the cream you just assembled.

  7. Once you covered the bottom, take a cookie, dip in coffee mixture and start your first layer of cookies. Make sure when you dip your cookies to let the excess coffee drip out before you lay flat in the pan. quick dips!

  8. Add another layer of cream and a second layer of cookies. (this is where I use the chocolate cookies sometimes)

  9. you can make 3 or 4 layers. Whatever you prefer- I typically have enough cookies for 3 layers. The last layer of cookies you will top with another layer of the cream and I use my cacao sifter to sprinkle the cacao over top.

Refrigerate before serving so it can firm up.



till the next post,


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