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The Coolest Creatures Just In Time For Halloween!

With Halloween just around the corner, this cool, creepy and yet somewhat cute creature arrived at our door just in time! A couple month back Stefano and I were picking up a birthday gift at the toy store when he first fell in love with these gross and interactive Crate Creatures.


In true minimalist mom fashion, I asked him to really think about whether this was something he would want or need. That afternoon we decided to take a step back and go home to check out a couple of reviews and read a little more about this product.

If anyone knows Stef, they know his love for interactive toys! Combine that with boogers, monsters and more…and it’s the perfect combo for my youngest kiddo. So when we got our Crate Creature delivered to our door you can only imagine his excitement when we opened the box up.


Crate creatures are cool interactive pets that you have to unleash from their cage using a pretend crowbar to pop the lock and discover which super special creature you get. When he pops out, your monster is instant fun! He growls, his eyes light up, he burps, and his boogers pop out of his nose…well ours did anyway! It was such a cool surprise for Stefano to unleash his pet and instantly its eyes lit up and began to interact.

Stefano was amazed and found every fart, growl and snarl super funny. These creatures by MGA Entertainment are pretty neat because as you continue to engage and play with them they learn new tricks and are capable of more fun interaction. Stefano has got his creature to yak back phrases to him and humming tunes. Seriously, moms, he can’t put his creature down and has been taking him to bed at night. He hasn’t had a love for a toy like this in a long time! I am so glad we waited and reflected on whether this was something he truly wanted, as I see now how it adds value to his life. Children love toys, and I am all about bringing in quality toys. Especially when it makes his THIS happy!


We also ended up with a cute mini version of the Crate Creatures called Crate Creatures Flingers. You can pull on their tongues and listen to the flingers as they growl and make unique sounds and noises. These guys are referred to as flingers because you can literally slingshot them across the room and they double as a target game! I am thinking of picking up a few for my nephews as Halloween gifts rather than giving them bags of candy this year. I totally recommend these little creatures as Halloween treats or even as stocking stuffers for the holidays just around the corner!


For those of you who have followed me for a while, you know our hard rule, something new comes in then something old goes out. This way we can minimize our clutter and keep things simple. Stefano decided to donate 3 of his Furreal Friends in hopes that he maybe gets one more Crate Creature over the holidays! He’s already started his letter to Santa!

Till the next post,


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