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The Move Play Mom Christmas Wish List

Over the last several years our family has taken a different approach to list making. I have seen this come up on several minimalist blogs and it’s a cute way to manage gifts for the younger children and teens in your life! I even get my husband to fill one out!

  1. Something you WANT

  2. Something you NEED

  3. Something to WEAR

  4. Something to READ

I've created a template here for you to print

Move Play Mom Minimal Christmas Wish List
Download PDF • 391KB

When it comes to receiving gifts from friends and family, I know it can be difficult to speak up about not wanting more toys, clothes, toys, toys, clothes…TOYS! Here’s the thing….you get to decide what comes into your house and what doesn’t. Communicate to your loved ones that you don’t want more stuff, instead, you can ask for

  1. experiences! (swimming lessons, Skis lessons, dinner gifts certificate)

  2. season passes to things like the zoo, the science center, the museum

  3. movie tickets, show tickets

  4. food (cookies, chocolates) consumables they will enjoy

  5. donation to a charity of your choice in your name

These can add huge value to our lives without bringing in more stuff to our home, STUFF that we don’t really need.

If you can’t have this conversation with certain family members or friends (I get it!) and you know you are going to get swamped with toys and clothing (Grandma). Well, you get to be in control of what to do with the gifts once they are in your hands. You can have your child decide to keep the new item and let go of something old. You can donate new toys to a local charity or hospital. You can take the clothing down to your local goodwill for a family in need.

However, I highly recommend that if you feel strongly about not bringing more stuff into your lives, I would just be honest with the people around you and consider having a conversation and suggest purchasing ideas like those listed in tip number three.

In 2015, when we had slowly just started on our minimalist journey, we decided to start a new tradition of getting away and providing the kids with an experience during the holidays rather than a bunch of gifts. Year one we took the boys to Banff where we went on a horse-drawn carriage through the Rocky Mountains and cross-country skiing. It was so magical and the boys still talk about our first holiday getaway to Canmore, Alberta. My parents and my little brother and his wife joined us a few days later. My parents used that opportunity to provide the boys with more fun in and around Canmore! It was the best! This year we are meeting my family in Mexico!

Tag me over on instagram when you use the template to write out your Christmas lists


Move Play Mom

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