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The MovePlayMom Christmas Gift Guide for Children Ages One Through Twelve.

First, I want to thank you all so much for your ongoing support, you all loved the daily gift guide ideas so much! I got an overwhelming amount of amazing feedback! so thank you! Go over to my Instagram stories highlights to see how it all went down.

However, as promised I have put it all together right here for you! I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and I hope that regardless of all the things and stuff you get, that you really take the time to appreciate the moment, the love and all the special people around you!

  1. Day 1 – Age 1 – Musical Instruments to promote that serve and return and open-ended play. Look for things like maracas, little drums, egg shakers, xylophone. Check out Indigo, Toyrus and even Amazon for all these ideas

  2. Day 2 – Age 2 – beautiful wood blocks, block play has so much value! open-ended, math concepts, cause, and effect…YOu can find cute wood blocks online here if you live in Canada STANDARD UNIT BLOCKS

  1. Day 3 – Age 3 – Magnatiles for so many amazing reasons! math concepts, building, creativity, fine motor, shape recognition, color, open ended play!

  1. Day 4 – Age 4 – A set of animals – safari, dinosaurs, farm etc.. This can be added to all their block play! This will propel their imaginary play and allow to explore different schemas such as connecting, enclosures, transportation and more!

  2. Day 5 – Age 5 – Boogie Board Tablet. A fun way to practice markings and drawings. Also, a fun way to work on writing skills, letters and numbers!

  3. Day 6 – Age 6 -Board Games. This is great for working on skills like turn-taking, role-playing, math concepts and more! but my most favorite this about board games is how it provides great FAMILY TIME! Some fun board games are Whose Nose, Kerplunk, Uno, Trouble, Jenga…

  4. Day 7 – Age 7 – Brackitz! These are a great STEM toy and perfect intro for littles! check em’ out here BRACKITZ 

  5. Day 8 – Age 8 – Get them outdoors! They want to be social and active! Skateboards, snowboards, cool gear. You can also get them passes to a recreational centre or lessons to a something the love (swimming, skiing)

  6. Day 9 – Age 9 – I went with a cool innovative toy on this one that my 10 and 7-year-old love. HEXBUG new Battlebots stadium! Great intro to concepts of robotics (fun for mom too!)

  1. Day 10 – Age 10 – Let the be creative! they are trying to assert their independence, they valued their friendships and they want to be creative so I am going with the Fujimax Insta Camera

  2. Day 11 – Age 11 & 12 – TWEENS! Lot’s of physical changes and social and emotional changes too…They are really trying to assert their independence. We started with music so we are ending with music! earphones, a cool Bluetooth speaker or tickets to a fun concert or event.

There you have it! All summed up into one pretty post for you to access be it for the holidays or for gift ideas throughout the year. Have a wonderful holiday season,

till the next post,


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