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Toy Review, SQUAWK! Eggsplosive Fun

Thanks to Mattel we were sent some fun games to try out and review this month. Games are right up our alley, as we enjoy playing games on Friday nights, which is a family fun night in our home. The thing I love most about board games is that when my kids outgrow the games we can pass them down to family and friends to enjoy.

Last Friday night we broke open our first game from Mattel, SQUAWK. The boys were very excited to get this one going! The rubber chicken right from The start is so funny! The night was filled with giggles right from the start!


Set up was fairly simple and straightforward. This game works with 2-4 players and is perfect for children ages four and up! Also, this is a really great way to introduce turn-taking, dice rolling, counting and number recognition with four and five-year-olds.


All my boys really enjoyed this one, from my little guys all the way to my big ones. They loved it so much they have played every day since.

So how do you play? easy and fun! Roll the dice and then press the chicken’s chest the number of times shown on the dice, you will hear a funny SQUAWK if the chicken doesn’t lay an egg, then it’s onto the next persons turn BUT If the hen house breaks opens, the chicken will lay an egg that you get to crack! If you get a sunny side up egg, you keep playing, but if you get a chick then you win a token! the player who wins the most tokens wins the game! In our case STEF!


The boys really liked this one and so because of this, it’s on my list for Christmas gifts for the other little people in my life. This is a great way to bring family members together of all ages. I promise lot’s of giggles and an eggsplosive good time!

till the next post,


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