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Vitamins and Supplements for Hair Loss

Living with hair loss sucks. It does. After the trip to Phoenix, I made the decision to start looking into options, and by options, I mean everything from vitamins, hair extensions, toppers, wigs, wefts…you name it. I was tired of hiding under hats.


Our first experience was to visit a wig specialist in Calgary who made special toppers for women experiencing hair loss similar to mine. This topper piece is sort of a cross or hybrid between a wig and extensions. It basically is a piece that sits on the top of your head. Some people also refer to it as a fall. It clips on (or some people glue it on) to the very top crown of your head. When I was looking online at pictures it looked amazing and I was really excited to try it out. I was ready for anything at this point.

When we walked into the salon, I immediately got an uncomfortable feeling. It wasn’t a nice place, the people there weren’t really supportive or caring and it seemed like a huge money grab. I tried on a couple of toppers that were not my color and they looked absolutely ridiculous. Yet the owner stood there praising this $2000 rats nest on my head. I looked like a fool but I wasn’t about to be taken for one. I told him straight up that I felt like he was just rushing me into buying a piece and that he wasn’t very compassionate. He actually knew nothing at all about women’s hair loss let alone T.E. I walked out feeling defeated but determined not to give up.

Ben suggested I talk to a naturopath next rather than jumping on the wig train so quick. He was right. My hair wasn’t THAT bad. I mean it was bad…but I was doing a really good job of concealing it using things like Toppik, colored dry shampoos and believe it or brown eyeshadow! Listen I was willing to do anything to make it look somewhat normal. I was about 10 months postpartum so I also had to remember that this shed was much much worse than normal. The combo of my regular hair loss and my postpartum hair loss made things a lot worse. So I decided to see a naturopath.

The naturopathic doctor seemed to agree that the combo of both hair loss situations made it much worse. We reviewed all my blood work together, my health concerns, my diet and so on. we decided that I would be able to get on some vitamins and supplements that could potentially help with regrowth and help maintain and prevent the shedding of hair long term. We also added lemon water every morning and Unda drops (see your naturopath for more info on these).

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We had some great discussion about female hair loss and supplements that can help support the strength and life of your hair and hair cycle. A few things that were suggested specifically for my hair loss were Biotin, B Vitamin, Fish Oil, Collagen bone broth, and Zinc.

Before starting any of these you should talk to your doctor or Naturopath. I decided to talk to both and get both of their perspectives. Both agreed that I could add these into my daily regiment and I would have to give it at least 3 months before deciding if it was helping.

What did I take and why?

  1. Biotin, also known as B7 helps to thicken your hair naturally.

  2. B complex, 1 tablet daily – to help reduce stress and helps with adrenal gland support (B5)

  3. Fish Oil helps to thicken your hair and helps to reduce inflammation

  4. Zinc, I have had gut issues forever, so to help repair gut, boost the immune system and supports hair regrowth. low zinc levels are tied to hair loss.

  5. Collagen and bone broth. I still (even as a mostly plant-based diet) will make bone broth and add collagen daily to my diet. This supports proper protein, gelatin for hair and nails, minerals, collagen (so much more great info out there on this today!)

After three months my hair started to appear to be growing back. I decided to search out a hairdresser that has worked with fine to thinning hair. She did an amazing job of helping me to create a great cut and length that would hide my thinning.

In most hair loss posts you will be suggested to get layers, and hairdressers will do the same. I SAY NO! do not do that. My hairdresser agreed. If you have diffused hair loss all over the last thing you want is layers all over. Layers will make your hair look stringy and not nice and full at the ends. You will be able to see right through your hair if it sits on your shoulders or longer. We chose to do a very blunt cut and my hairdresser only lightly layered, beneath the hair and a tiny bit in front. My hair looked way fuller. This would become my new do…for life.

We also decided to go a little lighter then I would normally, I have been a blond ever since. As soon as my brown roots start to show, the contrast between my scalp and hair is way more dominant. So we add in highlights. Every 6 months I do a full head and every three months I only do highlights where I part my hair. This gives the illusion of not being able to really differentiate between my scalp and hair.

So did this help? You bet…I was amazed at my hair regrowth. It wasn’t thick and crazy, but it was enough that I could live with it and my shed was a lot less crazy. I still had moments where I was unable to style it, or I had to wash it every day because a little oil made my hair lay flat and it parted in the back where I was losing my hair most. So it was a…it was a lot of upkeep. But I was managing. As my forties are starting to approach though I have noticed my hair start to thin more and more over time. So I have taken the next step in my journey and tried some great things…

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Do you have any suggestions or ideas around hair loss? please comment or share below!

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