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Week 7 of our Home Renovation

I cannot believe today marks 7 weeks.

This week was suppose to be but certainly was not the calm before the storm! We had the painters in spraying all the doors, trim and casings; and rolling the first couple of coats of paint. We ended the week with our finisher building us some custom reach-in closets, the tilers got started by installing the in-floor heating around the house


and my favorite part of all ….OUR FRONT DOOR WENT IN!!!!

NOW…This week coming up it gets very real! Tile starts tomorrow, countertops go in Tuesday, hardwood starts Wednesday. I am totally seeing the house come together and it’s exciting and stressful all at the same time. Hoping I made the right decisions and good choices to pull my vision together.

So many people mentioned that considering how much we got going on, I seem so relaxed and easy going about it all. The truth is…it’s not always easy! This week, in particular, proved to be really challenging mentally and it showed physically.

Mentally I was exhausted, my little guy suffers from Periodic Fever Syndrome, maybe you have heard about it and maybe not, but generally what happens, without getting into any crazy details, he gets a crazy high fever (like 104 -105) for 4 days straight. He is tired and his legs hurt. He suffers through the night the most as I try to stay on top of his Advil and Tylenol. At night he spikes and is super hot, really thirsty,  very sore and we are both tired!  The Periodic part means it happens almost consistently to the day every 8 weeks. It used to be every 6, prior to that every 4. We have been to specialists, we are seeing a rheumatologist, he is seeing an amazing pediatrician and we are searching for more answers. As it stands it seems like he is outgrowing them (as they become further apart…that’s a good sign!)  As a parent…I stress every time he goes through it. I cry. I worry. I wonder. I worry some more. I get little sleep, I google like a mad woman and my mental state suffers a little. I have learned over time that during this time, I need to find some time for myself. typically once the fever settles I try to get out, walk, coffee, friends, etc.

So yes…it’s not always amazing and perfect…My face also broke out into some crazy weird rash! I am not superficial by any means but seriously my face was BRUTAL! I had these crazy insane bumps all over my face and dry patches everywhere. I was less embarrassed about how it looked and more concerned with how dry and itchy it was. I went to see my face lady and she got me on a great cleanser by Eminence (AMAZING!) and I followed that with Egyptian Magic (Also AMAZING) and my face is so much better! phew!

On top of all that it was Halloween and Calgary got their first serious taste of winter!


A power ranger, a scary clown, and mom as a deer for Halloween night.

So while all this was going on we, of course, ran into some renovation bumps in the road. Actually, it was more like a full halt, not trespassing, you are not going over that bump, kind of bump on the road. We had plans to gut the master shower (it has travertine tile) and had made the decision a couple weeks back. We both felt, at the time, that we could make it work with our budget. However, things don’t always work out the way you want during a reno. I also have a pretty strict budget that I refuse to go over!

So when we found out the final price to renovate the shower…it was a no go. I was bummed. Every square inch of this house is being totally redone except that shower.  We are going to have to work around that master shower and try to make it as pretty as possible and hopefully, in the future (less distant future and more closer) we will renovate that. I promised I wouldnt go over budget. I can live with the travertine. I can. lol. I will.

So as we head into week 8, the most critical week of all. I am hoping things go a little smoother. I feel like I got some good rest this weekend, got some time to myself and with friends. I am ready to tackle the busiest week of all! Wishing you all a wonderful start to your week!

till the next post,


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