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Week 8 of our Home Renovation


This is the week that everything changes. There is still A LOT of small details that make this house unique and special to us that hasn’t been completed yet BUT this is the weekend we move in. I can’t believe it…we totally did it.

Two months ago Ben and I took possession of our new home. The house had been somewhat poorly updated over the years since the 70’s, but for the most part, it still needed a lot of love. As we tore down walls and ripped out cabinets we uncovered that we had a lot more ahead of us than we had thought. Fortunately, we weren’t new to the business of home renovations and had suspected that we might have a few surprises.

We planned for the craziness!

Before we got the keys, we requested 3 walkthroughs which gave us a lot of opportunities to measure, create floor plans, bring in an engineer to get feedback and plan plan plan. This is something I would highly recommend you ask your realtor to request when buying a home you plan to renovate or flip.

As soon as possession day came we were ready to tackle this monster project all while still running our own day to day business operations, managing our family and the start of a new school year.

On this renovation, Ben and I worked together as the general contractors managing it all. We brought together a team of trades that worked endless hours, weekends and nights, to meet our official deadline of November 15th, 2017. On this day the house needed to be move-in ready.

Today is November 15th. Tomorrow night, I have some friends ready to help build some furniture. The house will be cleaned Friday and this weekend we will officially move into our new home. A home that works for us, has functional space, a fantastic layout, lots of intention and thoughtful design elements. A simple home.

I am so excited to share all of this with you in the days ahead!

To say I am excited is an understatement. We did it.

till the next post,


If you are interested I can provide you with a list of local trades we used and their contact information for those looking to tackle a project in the Calgary area. For a detailed list, you can email me at

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