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January Numbers? No Spend Year

January isn’t the first month of the no spend year challenge, technically we decided as a family to start in February. However, I thought it would be good to look back on my numbers this month and see how we did.

Throughout the month we had been working towards ironing out the rules and setting some limits here and there. We were taking inventory of things we had and decided on purchasing things we might need. I have been wanting so bad to sit down and crunch the numbers as I have been so curious.

I thought I did a pretty good job, especially cause I figured I was quite aware and in tune with spending because, well, it was fresh on the brain. So let’s take a look at January numbers in the categories we are working on:


So, typically last year we were spending on average about $1948 a month. This January 2019 we spent $1702 (keeping in mind that January also has an extra week when it aligns with my monthly/weekly budget) Our hope going forward is to only spend $1200 a month which breaks down to $300 a week in our budget for a family of 3 adults and 2 older children. If you take the $1702 and divide that into 5 weeks that’s $340. OH WAIT…I have to buy milk today so maybe $343 a week.

Technically we did go over this month by forty-three dollars each week. However, we technically kick off the challenge Friday. Moving forward I plan to be more creative and vigilant with food and goods (cleaning products and toiletries) spending.


Ugh, this was not good guys. Ben is really bad in this department and this might just be the hardest one for him. He hit Tim Horton’s quite a few times, a couple of Macdonald coffees and a few Seven Elevens right by one of his job sites. I did go to Starbucks twice in January but have been making and taking coffee with me almost every day, I think I got this…

Average a month in 2018 was $149.83 and this month we spent, $113.45


So we only ate out twice in January. Well, we ate in once and ordered the kids Pizza. We also went out for Stefano’s birthday for Sushi, the five of us and 2 of his buddies. This was his gift. We wanted to share an experience together, he chose a fun restaurant and so this one is kinds of a wash. So Pizza once time, for $42, I think we would call this a huge win. Let me remind you that in 2018 the average a month was $721!


In our inventory list, we made, we noted that Anthony, our middle guy who is 10 and growing, needed some new undies and a winter jacket. The total purchase came to $161.49 and that is all we spent on any clothing.


Ya. I did none of those things, no I mean I did…myself. OMG. haha. I literally did my own manicure today and wish me luck in this department cause I suck! lol hoping to follow some good YouTube Tutorials on this one. Waxing and Brows…terrifies me.


Well, our cleaners typically would come twice a month and they only came once and I am getting myself ready for our break up. We have had them for four years and it’s killing me. I LOVE THEM. I wrote a whole post once, talking about how if it adds value and gives you time back, then do it, and having a cleaner was like that for us. This might sound pathetic to you, but for me, it was a huge help. The boys are going to get schooled in cleaning fast.


We haven’t traveled anyplace. We had been in talks about a possible holiday in February or March but that’s been put on hold and we will discuss more once we map out what works in our budget. We really didn’t make any miscellaneous purchases this month. We did get a family friend a gift card for a birthday and attended another bday where we did a monetary donation that they had decided to put towards a charity of their choice.

No need to calculate savings yet. We are going to start February off strong and really work towards our goals. I look forward to giving you a full update! In the meantime we are working on some fun collaborations to help us as we move forward on this journey. Hoping to lock down a bathroom cleaning tutorial for my boys. More to come! so follow along!

Have any of you been inspired to try even a no spend week or month? comment below!

till the next post,


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