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Mompreneur Spotlight, Meet Amanda Wallace

Mompreneur Spotlight is back and I got to interview one of my local Calgary favorites, Amanda Wallace. Amanda is the founder of Chasing Sleep. She is a certified infant and child sleep consultant who is passionate about the benefits of sleep!  Her other passion is her other job (Yes! she is a serious hustler!) as a registered nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit. So let’s get started!


Tell us a little about yourself and life as a mom…

I am a born and raised Calgary girl, mom of two little ladies and wife to a marketing guru! I came out of my teenage years interested in teaching…fast forward a few years and I fell in love with being in a family-centered education role as a registered nurse. I currently work part-time in the neonatal intensive care unit, I soak up every minute of my two and four-year-olds lives, sneak away for a date night with my hubby and work with clients all over Canada to help them find the rest they need!


Tell me about your business and what got you started?

I got started with sleep consulting after having my second daughter (now a toddler) because she was “one of those” sleepers. I knew that if I could successfully get her to be an independent sleeper, I could help any sleepy parent out there!

What have been some of the challenges around starting your own business?

The biggest challenge I face is feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day. Between my mom duties, nursing shifts and mom boss hustle, the days feel short, and often too quick! I have found that if I can manage my calendar well, it helps me to stay on task and on track each day, which allows for less of the overwhelm that I used to feel.

Being a mompreneur isn’t easy, what motivates you to want to be successful?

I want to be a successful mompreneur to show both of my daughters what it means to step out of your comfort zone! I never imagined myself as a business owner, but I love that I am now helping sleep-deprived families all over the country. I am constantly learning and making changes to my business, and I want them to see me as an example of chasing dreams (and chasing sleep)!

What is one way that you try to find a balance between being a mom and a business owner?

The most successful balance I have found between the mom and boss parts of my journey has been a result of having well-defined boundaries. When I am mumming, I put my phone away to be present with my girls. And when I am nap time hustling, I focus on client work and growing my business. I think all mom owned businesses can relate to this, but being present (and staying present) can be tough! For me, the physical separation of the two is really important.

What was your first big a-ha moment as a business owner?

I went to my first sleep conference when I was 7 months into my business operations. I met some wonderful colleagues, but the one thing I could not wrap my head around was the number of clients they could manage and still be amazing consultants. This was the first time I really learned about delegation. These women had successful businesses and were all moms… but they asked for help!

What advice would you give to a mom who might be considering starting a business or a side hustle?

Make sure you take it one step at a time! It is not possible to hit every marketing avenue, grow a business, balance a family and take time for yourself all at once. Businesses grow gradually and very rarely do you hear about a startup that exploded overnight! It is important to build the foundation and I promise the rest will come.


What has been your favorite and fun way to market your business?

I love to do group presentations! Never in a million years would I think that this would be my thing but I find connecting with a group people really allows the parents to feel empowered. I give them lots of information about sleep but it is also so reassuring to parents that they are not alone with their questions, we are all just doing the best be can raising these tiny humans!

What’s next for your brand?

I would love Chasing Sleep to grow into supporting all ages, rounding out my offering to the entire family. What would be more amazing than being able to help a child with sleep…working with the adults in their lives as well! I would like to certify eventually in adult sleep. I believe so much in the importance of good rest for all ages and stages!

How can we see more! give us directions to your site, social media etc…

I have a very active blog and website that I love to share tips and tricks related to sleep:

Instagram @chasing.sleep

Facebook  @chasingsleepconsulting

Till the next post,


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