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Three Home Design and Lifestyle​ Blogs I Really LOVE

Ok. There are a million blogs out there. I have a serious obsession with searching high and low for interior design blogs. Through these blogs, I find inspiration for our projects. I am not an interior designer. I never took any interior decorating courses. But somehow I now find myself married to a man whose own obsession with design and decorating is much worse than mine. So much so that he changed his career to pursue his passion.


My friends aren’t far off. Two of my closest friends seem to have the same buy, design, flip and sell disease. We work together to feed on our obsessions, living vicariously through one another’s projects. it’s quite funny and seriously satisfying.


I can spend hours swimming through a sea of sites but I have a top 3 lately that I  lean on for inspiration. These 3 sites have amazing design concepts, DIY ideas, stylings tips and so much more…looking for some inspiration? I promise you will find something fabulous by giving these folks a follow.

  1. Jillian Harris, for those who know me well…they get it. This girl first came into our lives on the Bachelor and stole my heart with her cool Canadian attitude and ridiculously amazing fashion. Turns out she worked alongside some of my besties back in the day at Club Monaco, so we had to cheer for her, right? From that moment on we were TEAM JILLY all the way. Fast forward almost 10 years later Jillian Harris has grown into one of Canada’s favorite designers and bloggers.

  2. Chris and Julia, Ok THESE TWO! DYI Masters! I have been following along online, on their podcast and on their Instagram feed. These two have the cutest relationship, adorable children, an amazing house and the coolest backyard. I love all of Julia’s Instagram stories. She finds some super cool ideas and shares amazing deals and finds on home decor.

  3. Becki Owens, California cool interior design from I don’t even know how I stumbled upon her but now I am obsessed with all her Instagram posts. She finds the most beautiful exteriors inspiration pics, she has a blog filled with great finds and her color palettes are always so pretty. love.

I also want to mention a blog that I can’t live without – since we are talking favorites. My go-to site daily before I start my day is always the minimalists. I read their latest essays or revisit old ones to help inspire me and remind me of keeping things simple. Besides everyone could benefit from a little simplicity.

Although these are some of my top blogs right now it doesn’t mean I don’t have a bunch of favorites!

If you have a favorite blog you follow please post it below! I am always looking for more inspiration, ideas and beautiful stories.

till the next post,


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