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Our Living Room Fireplace Renovation and Design

I often get asked a lot of questions about our fireplace renovation. For me, the fireplace and living room was really important to get right because it’s the focal point of our home. As soon as you walk through the front door you are greeted by the 18-foot vaults, Stunning windows, and the now gorgeous fireplace.

Our overall design for the house was simple, modern and functional.  We wanted to add elements of Scandinavian style as it really seemed to fit overall with our design and also with our lifestyle. Scandinavian design elements that we felt resonated most with us were clutter-free environments, neutral palettes, wood tones, bright whites and the concept of living in a simple but beautiful space. Clearly, I was all over that.


I wanted to ensure that this space had limited window treatments, allowing for the natural light and morning sun to drench our space as much as possible. We used one paint color across our entire home. We even painted all the doors and trim the same, Decorators White, by Benjamin Moore. This choice of paint really worked wonderfully with the natural light to bring out all the angles and shadows in the unique tall ceilings surrounding the living room space.

The fireplace was going to be a challenge. The original fireplace was flush with the wall and I was deadset on keeping with the original wood burning fireplace. I wanted to ensure we used natural elements in our home and having the opportunity to burn real wood throughout the winter was a must. No, the Netflix fireplace channel would not do it for me.

I wanted to add a little more depth to the area and decided to build out the fireplace by about a foot. Ben and I really wanted to make sure that the fireplace didn’t feel chopped up by creating a mantle, or built-ins, or adding tile. This would have taken away from the height of the ceiling and the simplicity of the room.

Traditional fireplaces will often have lots of details, large ornate mantles, and either brick or tile facing. I wanted to get away from that typical design. While flipping through the October 2017 issue of Avenue Magazine, a local publication, I came across a feature article detailing the home renovation of a local architect. There in the background of the living room photograph was the perfect fireplace material for our own concept we wanted to bring to life.

I frantically flipped to the back looking for the product description and information, and I immediately contacted 2Stone Concrete and design in Calgary. I went onto their website and fell in love with their concrete veneer work. My husband at first didn’t see how it would come together. He was worried it would be too simple…but I knew this was going to be the perfect fit. It was.


When we ordered our concrete, the staff at 2 stone were amazing and easy to work with. They also custom built us a concrete hearth. While we waited for our concrete to arrive, Ben went out trying to source the perfect, raw wood mantle. After looking high and low he found a beautiful piece of Ash that we had sanded and he treated with a natural wood sealer.

To pull the whole space together I didn’t want to have a huge black television hanging from this stunning fireplace. I convinced Ben to go with the Samsung Frame Television. It literally looks like a picture frame that is hanging on our wall. You choose your frame color and can easily change out the frame whenever you like. I wanted a white frame around our television. The TV dims when it’s not on and projects art or photographs with a special backlight that creates a mat look. I have had SO many people flip out when we turn the television on as they had NO IDEA and thought it was a piece of art.


I enjoy this room every season of the year. In the summer the light floods the room and creates a bright sunny space to read. In the fall we watch as the leaves start to change and the football season starts (go Steelers!). During the long winter nights we all cozy up by the fire and roast marshmallows. Spring we enjoy watching the days grow longer and gaze out the window as birds start to visit.

This room has now been featured by West Elm Calgary on their Instagram page. The living room seating is all from West Elm and we are so happy with the choices, colors, and styles we picked. Again, very in line with the Scandinavian elements. We love our space and are happy to share and answer any questions you might have. Hopefully, it inspires your space or next renovation project.

till the next post,


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