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Play Ideas at Home, Snow Ideas Inside

Well, the snow will not let up in Calgary! It’s been one really looooooong winter. So it wasn’t a huge surprise to wake up to a snow storm. Again. It was 13 degrees over the weekend. Our new roof got done! but mother nature is a force. This morning we are getting snow and lots of it.

My little guy has also been battling another round of PFAPA a type of periodic fever syndrome. The poor little guy has been hovering around the 40-41 (103-105) range. So after getting some meds in him, we thought of some creative ways to cool down!

We came up with bringing the snow indoors and we are going to share with you!

This easy and fun snow exploration can be done at home with stuff around the house. We came up with three fun indoor snow activities your little ones can easily do at home. My nine year old would totally still be into this too!

Without even realizing it, my little man was learning through his play. Working on color mixing, fine motor, creative expression, imagination and more!

Clean up is easy. Refresh is easy too! just grab more snow!

What you will need:

  1. Tray

  2. Bowl or bucket of fresh snow

  3. Cups

  4. Watercolor paint palette

  5. Paintbrush

  6. Food coloring

  7. Turkey Baster

  8. Magnetic tiles or blocks

  9. A pair of mittens or gloves

Remember to play. Meaningful play.

till the next post,


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